DHD Philosophy

Camp Overview

Each DHD camp is designed using a progression format. We feel this format is critical in the development of all hockey players. The first half of every ice session is devoted to fundamental skill development (technical skills and individual tactics). By isolating specific movements, we break down these fundamentals creating a solid foundation for any hockey player, mite through pro.
During the second half of every ice session the more tactical aspects of the game are covered. Initially, the focus is on more complex individual tactics, but as the week progresses, more in–depth team tactics and concepts are discussed. By incorporating European training, small area games, team competitions, and high intensity scrimmages, we are able to provide our participants the “total hockey” experience.
The progression, complexity and speed of our practice plans are dependent on the age and skill level of our participants. A low student to instructor ratio will ensure that your son or daughter receives the individual attention he|she deserves. All camps conclude with teams competing for the prestigious "OV" Cup.

Objectives | To Teach & Develop

Technical Skills

 Hockey Fundamentals | Skating, Puck-Handling, Passing & Shooting

Individual Tactics

 More Skilled & Adept Hockey Players | Building on Fundamental Technical Skills

Team Tactics | Concepts

 Small Area Games & Team Competitions | Read & React... Developing On-Ice Awareness 

Each DHD practice plan is carefully designed and created for the specific age and skill level of our participants. It is our goal to create drills that challenge our students, effectively utilize the ice surface, build off a progression and are fun!
Our instructors are constantly on top of the changing trends in hockey. Through many years of experience, hard work, attention to details and a passion for the game, we have put together a curriculum specific to each age and skill level. We are confident that your experience with Donskov Hockey Development will make you a better player.  Please click on our on-ice camps for more details! 
Hockey Camps

DHD Instructional Model

DHD 6-Step Teaching Process

Our staff follows a 6-step teaching process designed to ensure that all of our participants receive the very best individual and team instruction:
  1. Discussion: We introduce the hockey skill|concept to our students clearly describing all the individual parts

  2. Demonstration: All of our instructors posses the necessary skills to correctly & effectively demonstrate the proper techniques critical to your success

  3. Execution:  Our staff members observe and evaluate as students execute the techniques & skills formerly discussed & demonstrated

  4. Discussion: Our team will provide students positive, constructive feedback on an individual & team level

  5. Repetition: We believe that perfect practice makes permanent & repetition is the mother of mastery

  6. Application: We show our students how the skills & concepts we just Discussed, Demonstrated, Executed, Discussed & Repeated, are applied to & used in game situations

DHD Expectations

Hard Work: Listen & Execute to the Very Best of Your Abilities | Learning: Take Something Valuable From Every Session

Application: Apply the Concepts Learned at the Next Session | Have Fun: An Integral Part of the Hockey & Learning Experience

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