Why should I choose Donskov Hockey Development?

Knowledge, Passion, Work Ethic, Experience, and Fun! Donskov Hockey Development is built on quality instruction. All family members have enjoyed successful hockey careers and, more importantly, are superb instructors. We pride ourselves in producing a high speed, high intensity, and high-energy hockey experience. We have created a curriculum and teaching syllabus that has been carefully designed using a progressive ‘Total Skills Development Training Model’. It is our goal to create drills that challenge our students, effectively utilize the ice surface, build off a progression, and are fun. We are all truly passionate about hockey and, more importantly, your development as a person. If you are looking for the "complete" hockey experience while being pushed beyond your comfort zone…DHD is the experience for you!

Short About Us

Donskov Hockey Development has been recognized throughout the world as a leader in hockey training and instruction. Our staff members have decades of international experience as players, teachers, instructors, and coaches..  Read more...

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